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Снажна снага од 500 В

Композитни четкица
Дубоко и брзо тапкање

УВ стерилизација
Убија 99.9% бактерија

Двострука циклонска филтрација
Long lasting suction

Уништите нерве гриња

Проширите усисни отвор
Уклоните гриње ефикасније


500W Strong Suction


Двоструки циклонски систем филтрације

Long lasting suction


Функција безбедне УВ стерилизације

Убија 99.9% бактерија


Patented Composite Roller Brush

Strong suction & high frequency tapping


Ултразвук ефикасно убија гриње

Safe for baby and mom


Широки усисни отвор од 245 мм

Cleaning efficiency is greatly improved


Сертификовано од стране Аллерги УК Фоундатион
Are your bed and sofa really clean?

Normal vacuum cleaner can only pick up visible dust and debris. But many things that affect our health are invisible Dust mites, dust mite allergen, pet allergens, bacteria hidden inside bed, sofa, carpet are the things that make our home unclean or unhealthy.



Сертификовано од стране Аллерги УК Фоундатион

JIMMY BX5 Pro has been tested and certified by professional organizations, with a dust mite and dust mite allergen removal rate of over 99.9%, protecting the health of you and your family.


Patented* Composite Roller Brush
Strong suction & High frequency tapping

JIMMY BX5 Pro uses a patented composite rubber roller brush with a built-in independent motor to bring strong high-frequency tapping power. Deeply removes allergens dust, mites from beds.


Not Just for Cleaning Dust Mites
Vacuums pets hair,dust,allergens all away

Pets shedding in season, pet hair on the bed, sofa, floor.and scattered food crumbs,dust, all can be vacuumed away.Anti-tangle hair roller brush design, easy to clean, and soft bristles + rubber strip material does not hurt the fabric, more practical.


Powerful Suction 245mm Wide Suction Port
Cleaning efficiency is greatly improved

500W strong power with 245mm wide nozzle, cleaning efficiency greatly improved, only 2* minutes to clean a bed


High-penetration UV-C Sterilization
Killing 99.9% allergens and bacteria

High-efficiency UV with strong penetrating power, JIMMYBX5 Pro can effectively eliminate more than 99.9% allergen sand bacteria on the surface of fabrics. It is ideal for allergy sufferers. And when the machine leaves the surface, the UV lamp will automatically turn off to avoid UV light exposing.


Ултразвук ефикасно убија гриње
Safe for baby and mom

Using microelectronics technology to transmit ultrasonic frequency band is harmless to human body, but it can destroy the nerve of mites, prevent the growth of mites.and effectively eliminate mites for a long time.


Patented* Dual Cyclone Filtration
Long-lasting suction power without clogging

Patented dual cyclone filtration technology, separate dust mite and dust from the air, less clogging on dust cup, machine suction is more constant


Thick Stainless Steel Filter
Effective isolation of allergens

The new thickened 304 stainless steel filter screen isolates more hair, fibers, dander, and large particles than traditional plastic screens.


Дуал мод
One key to switch freely

Soft-Strong dual mode selection.
Applicable to different household cleaning scenarios.


Whole House Mites Removal
Једна машина са више функција

JIMMY BX5 Pro allows you to fully benefit from JIMMY technology to deep cleaning pet fur / human hair / dander / dust on sofa, bed, clothes, blanket, carpet and other fabric surfaces.


More Design Details


Параметри производа
  • Номинална снага: КСНУМКСВ
  • Називни напон: 220-240В
  • Начин филтрације: МИФ
  • Радна бука: ≤75дБА
  • Капацитет шоље за прашину: 0.5Л
  • Дужина кабла за напајање: КСНУМКСм
  • Режим: КСНУМКС
  • УВ стерилизација: Да
  • Ултразвук: Да
  • Замена МИФ филтера 1
  • Четка за чишћење 1
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