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Double brushroll tapping power

High efficiency motor drives
КСНУМКСВ снажна снага

ЛЕД екран са паметним сензором прашине

UV light kills 99.9%
allergens and bacteria

Ultrasound kills dust mites efficiently

Negative ion creates a refreshing sleep environment

Double 245mm wide suction port


LED Screen & Smart Dust Sensor

Приказ статуса чишћења у реалном времену

JIMMY BX7 600W strong suction

High Efficiency Motor

КСНУМКСВ снажна снага


Negative lon Function

Creates a refreshing sleep environment

JIMMY BX7 anti-mite vacum UV bacuum dual brushroll

Double Brushroll Tapping Power

Deeper and stronger removal of pet hair, mites and allergens


UV Sterilisation Function

Убија 99.99% алергена и бактерија


Ultrasound Kills Dust Mites

Безбедан за бебу и маму

Trouble for Pet-owning Families

Normal vacuum cleaners only pick up visible dust and debris. However, pet allergens, dust mites, and bacteria hidden in beds.sofas, and carpets can pose many health hazards.For families with pets, pet hair scattered everywhere is not only difficult to clean up, but also prone to breeding mites and bacteria, which can jeopardise your family's health and trigger allergies.asthma and other problems.


Pet hair spread around,difficult to clean and easyto breed bacteria JIMMY BX7

Dust mite excretions casuefacial pores and acne JIMMY BX7

Upgrade Patented Double Brushroll
Highly effective removal of pet hair and its allergens

Upgraded patented* double roller brushes bring double patting power, with large suction, can quickly remove pet hair, dust on sofas, beds, carpets, etc. At the same time, bacteria and allergens are removed by up to 99.9%.

JIMMY BX7 strong tapping power big suction

JIMMY BX7 double roller brush design

Designed for Pet-owned and Allergy-prone Families
Take care of your family's health

Tangled pet hair on the carpet, pet hair adsorbed on sheets pillows, sofas, and invisible pet allergens, dust mites, bacteria.with Jimmy BX7, you can easily get rid of it with one machine.

JIMMY BX7 deeply clean pet hair and allergens


Сертификовано од стране Аллерги УК Фоундатион

Tested and certified by professional institutions,the mite and bacteria removal rate is over 99.9%.


High Efficiency Motor
Drives 600W strong power

A new generation of high-precision motor, high efficiency utilization, output more powerful suction and tapping force.


LED Display&Dust Sensor
Приказ статуса чишћења у реалном времену

ЛЕД екран може јасно приказати режиме чишћења и чистоћу подручја које чистите. Учинити чишћење домаћинства ефикаснијим и интелигентнијим.


UV Sterilisation Function
Убија 99.99% алергена и бактерија

High penetrating UV light can effectively eliminate 99.9% of allergens and bacteria.
And when the machine leaves the surface, the UV lamp will automatically turn off to avoid UV light exposing.


Ultrasound Kills Dust Mites
Безбедан за бебу и маму

Ултразвук може уништити нерве гриња, спречити раст гриња и ефикасно елиминисати гриње на дуже време.


Dual Cyclone Filtration
Stronger and longer-lasting suction

Dual cyclone filtration technology, separate dust mite and dust from the air, less clogging on dust cup, machine suction is more constant.


Negative Ion Fresh Air
Brings pleasant sleep environment

JIMMY BX7 is equipped with a negative ion device. After it is turned on, it releases tens of millions of negative ions per cubic meter to purify the indoor air. Bring you baby and family a fresh sleeping environment.


3 различитих начина
Једна машина за вишеструку употребу

3 modes meets different cleaning needs, provide considerate care for soft bed, fabric sofas, satin sheets, intimate clothing......

Mode1: Vacuum+Tap+UV+Negative ion
Mode2: Vacuum+Tap+Negative ion
Mode3: Vacuum+UV+Negative ion


Bass Noise
Reduction Design

Multiple noise reduction technologies, the sound is lower than 78dB(A), providing extra care for family members and pets.


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