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Smart Smoothie Blender

Fast Blending for fresh taste and nutrition


22000 RPM High Speed

0.9L BPA Free Cup

КСНУМКС модови рада

Low Working Noise <88dB


Unique Turbulence-disturbing Structure

The unique turbulence disturbing structure on the jar body can greatly disturb the turbulence, gather the ingredients for easy crushing, make the stirring more even.


Stainless Steel Four-leaf Blades

Stainless steel blades, with high strength and corrosion resistance characteristics, 3D design to achieve multi-angle cutting and rapid crushing.


2-level Speed

B32 provides a 2-level speed selection knob, which can meet your daily needs. Level 1 can be used for blending soft fruits and Level 2 for crashing hard ingredients.


600ml Carry-on Cup

A portable BPA-free cup is provided for free, convenient for users to carry, no matter indoors or outdoors, refuel energy at any time.


22000rpm High Speed Motor

Repeated Pulverizing and Blending
Bring You Smoother Taste

Rapid Pulverizing and Leaving no Residue
Making the Taste More Delicate


High Strength Stainless Steel Four-leaf Blades

Quick Crushing, Taste Fine without Residue

Stainless steel blades, with high strength and corrosion resistance characteristics, 3D design to achieve multi-angle cutting and rapid crushing.

Simple 2-level Knob Design

Easy Operation Enjoy Fresh Nutrition Conveniently


Portable Carry-on Cup

Refuel Energy at Anytime
A portable BPA free cup with spout lid is provided for free.



700W High Torque Motor can provide strong power, bring 22000rpm high speed for maximum nutrient & vitamin extraction from fruits, vegetables, seeds. After repeated blending, the foods become very smooth without residue and easy to absorb.


Unique Turbulence Disturbing Structure

More Evenly Blending, More Efficient Nutrition Extraction

The unique turbulence structure raised on the jar body can greatly disturb the eddy current, and realize fine grinding, easily crush ingredients, make the stirring more even and realize more effective nutrition extraction.


Easy Operation, Enjoy Easier Life

0.5kg Light-weight Blending Jar

Easy to Lift

Blending Jar weights only 0.5kg. It’s crack resistant and durable, not easy to deform.


BPA Free Material, Safe and Healthy for Babies


Функција самочишћења
Time and Labor Saving

The blending jar is dishwasher safe. Also you can clean it deeply and thoroughly by selecting the Pulse, which mode is not only for blending, but also can be used for self-cleaning.


КСНУМКСЛ велики капацитет

Enough to Meet Your Daily Nutrition Needs

The capacity of the blending jar is up to 0.9L, fulfills your daily nutrition needs.


Quiet Design Reduces Noise and Vibration

High performance motor produces less vibration and lower working noise. The power cushion between motor base and the jar body reduces the vibration and noise caused by high-speed rotation, and the working sound is more gentle.


proizvod параметара
  • Product Name: JIMMY Smart Smoothie Blender B32
  • Снага: КСНУМКСВ
  • Motor: 22000 rpm (brushless motor)
  • Cup Material: PCTG (BPA-free)
  • Maximum Capacity (L): 0.9L/30.4oz
  • Бука: <88дБ (А)
  • Weight: motor base 1.5kg, blending jar 0.5kg
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