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JV83 Handheld Cordless

Усисивач Стицк

Deeper and Easier Cleaning

Снага усисавања 135АВ

60 минута дугог трајања

1.5kg Light Weight

100,000rpm Brushless Motor


Време рада до 60 минута

6PCS big capacity Detachable lithium batteries, equipped with JIMMY 55% high efficiency motor, allowing 2 ways of charging. Maximum machine working time reaches 70 minutes.


65°Golden Ergonomic Angle

65°ergonomic and 1.5kg lightweight design makes it easier to hold and use the vacuum cleaner, doing housework is no longer a hard work.


5 четкица за свестрано чишћење

ЈВ85 Про долази са 5 четкица за усисавање на различитим врстама подова уз дубинско чишћење и деликатну негу површина. Креативни дизајн против намотавања пружа вам искуство чишћења без проблема.


High efficiency digital motor, 135AW powerful suction

Self-developed 100,000rpm brushless digital motor, provides strong power.

55% high efficiency digital motor

135AW suction power


Muiti-Cyclonic Filtration System contributes to more powerful suction

Cyclonic filtration system can separate dust from the air, machine air flow is bigger, and suction is stronger.


Removes allergens

Absorb and remove 99% tiny dust particles

Innovative-designed extending HEPA filter shaft can filter 0.3 pm tiny particles and allergens, and easy to detach and clean.


Пакет литијумских батерија великог капацитета вози до 60 минута

Powerful large capacity battery pack has a 60min long time, especially suitable for big house and villa.


Replaceable battery pack makes you no longer worry about the ageing of battery

The batteries can be detached and replaced when ageing, so the machine will get a longer lifetime.


Battery pack can be detached from the main body and charged separately

Battery pack can be separated from the main body and be charged on table or in corner, wherever you like.


50mm big diameter brushroll can pick up all dust and particles

Brushroll is big enough to clean up even piles of shell crumb and particles.


Soft and Hard Hair Combination Design

Handle with different cleaning problems easily

The hard hair part of the brush can easily wipe the dirt, remove pet's footprints and polish the floor; the soft hair part can clean the extra fine dust.


Innovative Hair Combing Structure

Avoid Hair from Entangling

Hair combing designed Floorhead can solve the entangling problem effectively. Easy to clean pet hair without entangling around brushroll.

JV83_mite_removal10 - 副本

Electric Anti-mite Mattress Head, deeply removes the dust and mites from bed and sofa

The brushroll beats up dust from the bed, removes the fine dust and dander effectively.


Humanized design makes the use easier

65°Golden Ergonomic Angle 1.5kg Light weight

65°ergonomic and lightweight design makes it easier to hold and use the vacuum cleaner, doing housework is no longer a hard work.


Different types of brush head can be used for different purposes and places.

Елецтриц Флоорхеад
can be used on hard floor and carpet. Dust, hairs and big particles can be cleaned.

Електрична глава душека
Electric Anti-mite mattress head can be used for beds, sofas, pillows and quilts.

Алат за пукотине 2 у 1
can clean the crevice of sofas and car seats and other narrow space which is hard to reach

2-у-1 алат за пресвлаке
has soft nylon brush, it can be used to clean furniture, electric appliance and curtain.

Стретцх црево
length can be freely adjusted and can clean hard to reach areas with different tools attached.

Soft hair brush
can be used to clean the bookcase and closet and dust on the ceiling.


Humanized design makes an easier use

Empty the dust cup with a single press of button, so don' t worry the dust will dirt your hands.

Detachable and washable dust cup makes no room for bacteria

Dust cup, HEPA filter and floor head are all allowed to be washed in water.

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proizvod параметара
  • Product Name: JIMMY JV83 handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Motor Type: Brushless Digital Motor 420W
  • Rated Power(W): 450
  • Battery Specification: 7X2.5A1-1, 63WH
  • Charging Time (H): 4-5
  • Way of Dust Collection: Dual-Cyclonic
  • Suction Power (AW): 135
  • Inlet Filter Type: HEPA
  • Brushroll Type: Soft and Hard Hair Combination Brushroll
  • Air Flow (m3/min): 1.1
  • Handheld Run Time (Min): About 11/30/60 mins
  • Handheld+Electric Floorhead Run Time (Min): About 9/20/40 mins
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